So, we entered the 2020 NPR tiny desk contest. Here is our entry video, wish us luck.

Glenn took the spark of an idea I had for a song and wrote “Handful of Stars”. It was inspired by a lovely handmade card given to me for Christmas a few years ago. He created a beautiful song that makes me happy every time I sing it. A song about the gift of children.

It is a rainy spring day here in New England as I write this post. I’m sitting inside cozy and warm thinking about the upcoming spring and summer.

Festivals and concerts are coming up for the season and I urge you all to get out and hear some live music.

Support your local musicians!

Have a happy spring and enjoy the warm weather.


I just added a new original song to the Gilead Road website.

“Be Proud” is a song based on a guy I met while visiting one of my daughters. He was full of life and a lot of stories. Most of the song reflects my conversation but I did lie and fabricate a tiny little bit. 🙂

Thanks for the inspiration Tony.