Glenn’s Instrumental Music


Breath is the beginning and the end.
Carries us through life.
Calms us.
Nourishes us.

This piece of music was inspired to be a soundscape to shepard
ones yoga practice or meditation time. The five pieces can be
combined to provide a ten minute time to gather before Yoga
or meditation begins, fifty minutes for the practice, ten
minutes to center and refocus (Savasana), and ten minutes to
close out the session. One or more pieces can be omitted to
create a shorter session.

All the sounds are natural acoustic sounds:
chimes, finger cymbals, bells, kalimbas, guitars, and banjo.

Breathe deep and enjoy


Simple Songs

This collection of songs was intended to be simple arrangements of some of Glenn’s instrumental music. It is simply played, peaceful and meditative music. “Simple Songs” is an antidote to the hectic and frenetic pace of modern life. Take these songs with you on a walk through the woods or through the neighborhood. The instruments are mandolin, guitar, ukulele, banjo, tiple, bass and a 1950 singer sewing machine.

“I tried to keep everything very simple: the arrangements, the chord progressions, my playing. I also played some instruments that are new to me. This is sort of imposed simplicity, kind of like talking in an unfamiliar language. I am entranced with ukulele tunings. I play ukulele and tiple on a few songs. The tiple is a crazy ten stringed instrument. You tune a tiple like a ukulele but the tiple has double and triple courses. These double and triple courses are tuned in octaves. It is fun to play but my instrument is kind of funky intonation wise. I really liked this added element of simplicity and funkyness.”